Monday, January 10, 2011

Seven Habits of Highly Prepared People.

1. Driving with a half tank of gas or more. When you see it getting to the half mark, fill 'er up!

2. Know your neighbors and know which ones to trust with your spare house key.

3. Keep your cell phone charged and carry your cell phone charger in your car.

4. Have a land line phone at home and have an old phone that does not require electricity to work.

5. Check your emergency emergency supply bin every month (car, home and work). Crank your radio, check the bins for water intrusion or pests, replace old food items.

6. Test your emergency contacts. Call them every month and make sure all your family members have the same numbers.

7. Make sure everyone knows what to do in an emergency, so you can leave your house with the confidence that everyone will know what to do, even if you are not there.

Sure, there are more things to consider, but if you start these simple habits, you will be far less stressed when something actually does happen...and isn’t that a good habit to have?!

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