Friday, January 14, 2011

Live simply, live safely

Living Simply, Living Safely

One question often asked of me with regards to emergency preparedness is, “Where do I begin?”

It struck me recently when I heard about the conditions in Haiti that many of us lived charmed lives.  Even though the economic situation in the United States (and practically everywhere in the world) is struggling, by and large, we still live in houses or apartments, we still have heating and air conditioning, we still have a refrigerator with food in it and, in even the direst of situations, we still have our cell phones.  If you are reading this, you also have access to the internet.

Transport yourself to Haiti for a moment.  The warm sun is shining, the ocean sparkles just a stone’s throw away and yet...much of the city of Port Au Prince is still in devastation from the January 2010 earthquake.  The rains come this time of year and many are still forced to live under tarps with barely the means to survive.  I heard one woman say how blessed she felt that she now has a shelter—provided by international aid agencies—which has rigid walls and is big enough for her to stand up in.  It is even large enough for her to have a table and chairs upon which to eat.

It seemed to me that this situation might not be this woman’s dream, but it did allow her to truly appreciate what she did have.

Now, when you prepare for some unforeseen event, think of what you cherish.  If you lost everything in a disaster, what would you miss the most?  And, that is where you begin.  Begin with what you want to protect most and the rest should be easy.


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