Friday, January 21, 2011

Prepare for Zombies

This was a title suggested by my teenaged daughter when I asked her about things to worry about in emergencies. Well, I suppose that I wasn’t real specific with my query, but it undoubtedly would be something about which to worry if you encountered one.

For the record, George A. Romero’s 1968 classic cult film, “Night of the Living Dead” probably framed the image we carry today of “zombies...,” those stiff walking, flesh-sloughing, flesh-eating creatures who come out only at night... Even though the zombie concept had been created around 50 years earlier, this was quite a terrifying film in its day.

I cannot help but worry about zombies, though. For some people in Africa and Haiti, this notion still exists in corners of their culture. Frankly, with all that has gone on in the slaughter of people over land, resources, religion and bigotry in Africa and the devastation from hurricanes, earthquakes and widespread disease in Haiti – who is to say that for many people, zombies in some form are quite real.

So, to prepare for zombies, I guess there is the only thing that really prepares us for anything – knowledge. Sometimes horrible things do happen. They happen without reason or warning. They happen whether you “deserve” them or not. They just do. So, ward off zombies by just preparing for the worst. Then, once you have, you can’t worry any more. You are ready and whatever happens, zombie or not, you are ready and you will survive to live another day.

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  1. Knowledge is power! Thank you Sue! I would like advice on creating a vampire preparedness kit.
    Thank you!