Thursday, October 27, 2011

What is the Face in Facebook?

It has been a trying week. So much to do, so little time. So, what goes first? The extra little things -- the sudoku, surfing for recipes for tonight’s dinner, checking Facebook... For some, checking in with Facebook is as regular and necessary as having a meal, if not more often and more critical. For me, I check my Facebook maybe once a week. If that. I look for news, event notices, political articles, things that make me think. Personally, I’m really not interested in where someone is at the moment, or who washed their cars.

Many of my friends and certainly my teenage daughter think that I am a dinosaur in my thinking. Facebook is today’s face time, according to her and apparently millions of others. To be fair, I do see a potential with this type of networking. I have also witnessed the power of linking people after disasters or social events. Look at Egypt! Missouri! New Orleans! These are wonderful, completely valid uses of a pretty easy and accessible tool.

However, when I discover something that happened weeks ago and I am told, “Didn’t you see it in my Facebook?”, I sigh. Is that what we have come to? That the importance of my knowing something is equal to someone’s other 248 Friends? I guess my fear is that Facebook will soon replace the time when someone close to me actually calls me to tell me their arm is broken, or they need someone to talk to.

So, Facebook, I acknowledge you and your power. I see the genius in your ability to reach people when other avenues have not. I see you as an important tool, especially in times of crisis and disaster. But for the rest of my life, I’m old school. Please, just call me.

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