Tuesday, October 4, 2011

On the Road Again

I am in San Diego at a conference this week with a bunch of emergency managers.  Not that I want anything to happen, but if it did, well, this is the group with whom to be!

A crack in the radiator of my son's car required me to change my mode of transportation this week.  Originally, I was going to drive my car the 100 miles or so to the conference, but now my son needed my car to get back to college.  That's OK, I thought, because I can easily take the train, and I don't have to worry about traffic.  It all seemed so easy... until I started to pack...

I feel pretty confident traveling in my car.  I have water, food, warm and comfortable clothes.  I have a flashlight, radio, toilet paper, a first aid kit, extra eyeglasses and a good, long book to read.  I even have a beach chair, umbrella and a warm and waterproof jacket.  So what do I need on the train?

As a traveler, I had extra clothes, but they weren't really the type of clothes you want not to be wearing during a disaster.  Heels, skirt and a silk blouse are simply not very functional in disaster situations, even though Karen Allen managed to pull off wearing that lovely white gown  in "Riders of the Lost Ark."

Obviously I could not nor would want to duplicate what my car has, but I an think about what I can pack that could make me better off should an emergency occur.  So I added some casual shoes, jacket and small, collapsible umbrella.  I packed a large water bottle, snacks and my purse-sized first aid kit.  I also added a flashlight, a pack of tissues and emergency contact information for my wallet.

I certainly am not completely prepared to survive several days alone somewhere, but I have some important tools for my survival and, just as important,a large peace of mind.

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