Thursday, June 16, 2011

All for a Blueberry Donut

I am not, AM NOT a food addict. I honestly don’t believe I have any fanatical obsessions, except possibly reading and soccer, but they are (for the most part) controlled. So, when I heard about the blueberry donuts, it just started as a curiosity (OK, curiosity COULD be an obsession) to find out what all the hoopla was about.

A student intern brought in said donut a week ago. By the time I got to the front office, there was only one small taste left, but I have to say that it was very tasty and I wished I could have sampled the whole thing. I found that the place that sells these particular donuts is a little shop at Katella and Lincoln (Anaheim, CA for the out-of-towners). Since we are in the age of Google, I soon found a map, Facebook page and an astounding number of reviews – for a donut shop!
This donut shop is odd for two reasons. One, is that the only donut that gets any press at this shop is the famed blueberry donut. Two, is that the hours of this place are 9:30 PM to 12:00 PM. No, it’s not a typo. That’s 9:30 AT NIGHT to noon the next day. For whatever reason they have done this, it appears to work. People line up FOR HOURS in the middle of the night for these blueberry confectionary pieces of heaven, apparently, and still say they will do it again!

This really got me intrigued, so after reading many reviews, I found a few reviewers mentioned other “notable” blueberry donut sources in that same general area, but at normal hours and with minimal wait. Now comes the truly incredible part. I found myself writing the addresses of all of those blueberry donut shops and plotting how I was going to visit them all in the same morning so I could sample them all at the same time—to be scientifically valid. Then it hit me that a single bite of a tasty morsel was turning into an obsession. Even my husband raised an eyebrow when I told him how I was leaving the house at 6 am so I could miss traffic and be at donut shop One by 6:20, then hit No. Two by 7, provided I didn’t have wait long, then No. Three by....

Recognition of the problem is the first step to recovery. What I recognized is that this donut is what I seek. Well, not the donut itself, really, but the bait, the hook, the carrot to get people to start to be obsessed by something – like getting prepared for emergencies! Maybe we need to come up something to be placed in the package of an item that goes into an emergency preparedness kit – a prize, a Golden Ticket, or certificate for one dozen blueberry donuts (with no wait!). Everyone wants one, right?

If anyone has any ideas, I am open to suggestions, no matter how crazy. It might just work. For now, I am just using Google to find the shortest route between three of my newest friends.

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  1. Sue, there are many other donut shops that have blueberry donuts. They not only taste better, but there is NO LINE and some are even open 24 hours!

    Here are a few from yelp:

    good luck! i love blueberry donuts too! they are the latest craze, aren't they?