Monday, May 23, 2011

We're Still Here

Personally, I am really over hearing about The End that didn’t come on Saturday, May 21, 2011 by 6 pm (any time zone, Earth). And, on that note, I should really leave it alone, but it points out something that is completely related to what I have been saying about being prepared. In the face of something insurmountable, we either 1) Do nothing, or 2) Look for an easy way out.

I was shocked, as many probably were, of the stories of people who sold everything, packed their bags and literally waited at the curb to “be taken.” Since nothing did happen, it really seems absurd, but that is exactly what we do when faced with something over which we have so little control. For example, there was a story of man whose house was in foreclosure and he'd lost his job, so maxed out his credit cards to get him to May 21 when it would all finally be over. He simply felt helpless and saw this as a solution to all his problems.

When preparing for anything that scares us, makes us uncomfortable, or depresses us, we will do nearly anything to avoid it. In college, I used to suddenly become obsessed with cleaning my apartment instead working on some complicated physics problems. Not that I don’t like my house clean, but at any other time of my life, I could have cared less about competing with Rosie the Robot. It’s simply avoidance. Or, perhaps, substitution of doing something we know we can accomplish rather than tackle something that seems so impossible to do.

So, here is some help. My favorite place to start is with a case of water. Easy Peasy. Stop home on the way from work or school and put a case in the trunk of your car. It is probably on sale anyway. Then for the rest of the week, think about what would make you uncomfortable if you got stranded in your car. Personally, I hate being uncomfortable and cold, so I make sure I have a comfortable pair of walking shoes, socks and a nice warm blanket along with my case of water. Chances are, you have an old pair of running shoes that might not look so good any more, but would be welcome relief if you get stuck somewhere away from home in those incredibly sexy, but highly impractical, three-inch heels.

To best utilize your trunk space, I recommend a bag for all of this stuff (except the case of water, which I leave by itself). A gym bag would work. Or, one “freebie” is that heavy-duty clear plastic zippered case that new blankets and sheet-sets come in. They often have handles and are great for this purpose. They zip to keep dirt out, but they are clear so you can see what is in them.

So, we’re still here and there’s lots to do, but it’s really not all that hard. You just have to start and I am here to help you. You can count on that. Really.

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