Friday, September 9, 2016

Keep the Horse Wagons Hitched!

The recent fires have been devastating -- bigger, quicker and sooner than we have seen in our lifetimes.  But along with tales of sadness come a few notes of hope.  An elderly couple were rescued in the nick of time by brave fire crews and someone’s cat was found unharmed in the some smoldering debris.  But what struck me were those who did not have to evacuate, but were ready to do so.  Maybe it was the imagery, but when I heard of horse owners who keep their horse trailers always hitched to a truck in fire season, that seemed so smart.  They understand where they were vulnerable, then prepared for it.

The world has seen its share of disasters so far this year…Enormous snowfalls in the Atlantic Northeast in January, Floods in Louisiana (again!) and West Virginia, fires in many parts of California, deadly earthquakes in Ecuador, Italy and Japan.  Between the natural disasters and the manmade ones, one can get pretty discouraged, so I thought I’d bring you a few photos and short stories about things that make us feel that we can survive and survive well.

In 1999, a tornado hit Oklahoma, the likes they had never experienced before.  The force was so great that a 10-month old girl was literally ripped from her mother’s arms and out the window.  Even as the mother was later being taken to the emergency room, she begged authorities to look for her baby.  To everyone’s amazement, the child was found in the mud more than 100 feet from the house, alive and unharmed. [Oklahoma’s Own, February 23, 2012.]

In May 2013, a tornado hit Moore, Oklahoma.  This woman was prepared and knew what to do.  She was stunned but resolved that the storm had taken everything from her.  Then “the love of her life” was found.  Maybe you have seen this video, but it is worth viewing again:

This is a great photo, too.
In the flooding after Hurricane Katrina, some people who lost their homes refused to be rescued unless they were allowed to bring their pets with them.

From  Human Society Volunteer rescuing dogs after Hurricane Katrina.

From  Rescuers help elderly woman from flood waters in India.

From:  Japan Rescue Dog Association looks for survivors of the Japanese earthquake in February 2011.

Be prepared, my friends.


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