Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Start Your Engines!

Starting the New Year should feel more like the beginning of a big race.  We should get all pumped up and excited to get going.  Typically, people are still giddy from a great holiday break and not really willing to get that jump start, but maybe if we change how we view that leap off the starting line, we would be more motivated.

Things to consider for the new year:

1. Think local.  Shop local markets for some unique or novel food to put in your emergency preparedness kits.  Better yet, buy two – one to try now and one to put in your kit if it is a winner.  Compete with someone you know to find the best, new thing!

2.  Think color.  Color code your emergency supplies – red-labeled bags for first aid supplies, green for water products, blue for food, etc.  It would make it easier to see what you have and easier to retrieve when needed.

3.  Think metal.  I recently found that rodents are extremely persistent in getting to food sources, so instead of that (cheap) plastic trash can, you may want to consider metal trash cans with good-fitting lids.

4.  Designer buckets.  Each person in your household should have their own sealable 5-gallon bucket with a change of clothes, shoes, coat, etc.  To make it really “theirs” have them put their own design on their bucket.  Permanent markers or stickers can really jazz them up!

5.  Plastic, zip-type bags are really great for lists of insurance policy numbers and other important things that you rarely see or remember.

6.  One big item – Consider a solar charger of some sort.  Even fairly small ones would do wonders in charging your cell phone, which may provide a great deal of useful information in emergencies, as well as your communication link.

Whatever you do, try to put some color or even humor in it.  It makes it more fun and, when the time comes, you will be so thankful that you put in that extra effort BEFORE you needed it.

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