Monday, September 10, 2012

A Mother's Sorrow

Being a mother forever changes you.  You can’t hear stories of children being harmed without feeling some actual pain yourself.  Such is the case today.  Today in Kabul, some young children were killed who were regulars at a local skate park, a place where the only thing that happens there are shouts of laughter, tricks on a skateboard and some skinned knees.  I can envision them, as children anywhere, at a skate park, having fun.  Something my children could do.  But after today, some of those voices are forever gone from the park.

On some level, this is the expectation of a civil-war-torn country, where a group of people is singly-focused on their cause and seem to forget that it is the sons and daughters and fathers and mothers who pay the price.  Or, so it seems to me.  But all I can think of is how their mothers feel, how I would feel, to lose my children so tragically.

So, today, just a brief blog.  A moment of silence for this loss and for so many others who fall innocently to senseless acts.

There is just no way to prepare for this… Just a deep hope that someday it can stop.  As a mother, as a person on planet Earth, I truly hope so.

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