Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It's not too late!

Two months ago both my husband and I succumbed to a most terrible bout of the flu. He, one week and I, the next, ached and had horrible sore throats for nearly a week, then coughed for the next six weeks as added insult. When this weekend we both started with the aches, the fever and sore throats, we couldn’t believe it – AGAIN!? Haven’t we paid our dues already this flu season?

Well, apparently the dues he paid are a different rate than mine. Today, after just a couple days of feeling really lousy, I feel pretty good and am back to work. He, on the other hand, is still at home, and feeling terrible. He also had a bonus 104-degree fever, which I never got.

The difference? Prevention. Yes, OK, a few horses escaped the barn before I closed the door, but about a month ago, I got my flu shot. I was in for another reason (I got kicked in the head, close range, with a soccer ball and I thought I’d broken my jaw... another story...) and when asked if I wanted my flu shot, I thought, well, I’ve already had the flu, but why not.

Why not, indeed. While I cannot confirm we had the exact same virus, we did have the same symptoms (albeit at different temperatures) at the same time. So, I am guessing that while my flu shot did not completely shield me from getting infected, the army was ready, so to speak, and once the call was made, I was more ready to fight back and kick those little bad boys out of my system.

So, when people tell me it is too late to prepare--"What’s the point? I’ve lived so long being unprepared, so why start now?"--I am going to remind them of that flu shot. Yeah, I still got the flu, but it just visited instead of setting up shop. That’s what being prepared is all about. It won’t shield you from a disaster, but it will allow you to survive it much better than those who are not prepared.

So, it really is not too late for anything. Like cleaning out your garage, writing a will, or getting your emergency preparedness kits ready for home, car and work, you can start any time. Don’t wish you HAD done something. Be glad of it.

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