Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Heart Attack? There’s an App for that...

Yes, if you see someone having a heart attack – or I suppose even if it is you – you can use this app to send a call for help to people around you who know how to perform CPR. This application for iPhone, iPads, and other smart phones and devices was developed by the San Ramon Valley, California, Fire Department folks – and called, obviously, “Fire Department.” While the area and users for this app are relatively small (although San Francisco now has it), it opens the gates to other similar emergency responses.

Apparently, the alert sent via this app call for anyone close enough to walk to the victim and offer their expertise. Additionally, the alerts go to Emergency Response personnel (i.e., EMT’s at the Fire Department) so that the professionals can be launched as well. As an added bonus, the location of the closest AED’s (automated external defibrillators) are displayed to aid responders as well.

As much as people often like to make fun of how people are literally attached to their cell phones, especially the “smart” ones, they are a burgeoning marketful of ideas for all kinds of resources – from the nearest pizza parlor or Ghirardelli Chocolate outlet to life-saving applications.

So, when you start to wonder just what those fire-fighters are doing when not responding to a fire, now you know they are not just testing the latest recipes from Iron Chef. They are programming cool stuff like this. Yeah, they can do all that AND fight fires. Cool, huh?

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