Monday, July 11, 2011

Bollywood Dreams

It’s official. My mind is completely warped. As I was walking into the Hollywood Bowl last night (to watch an incredible performance by A.R. Rahman along with the L.A. Philharmonic Orchestra, and my friend Shelly, by the way), I found myself wondering what they would do in a major emergency. The Bowl holds almost 18,000 people and my informal scanning of the masses calculated that we were probably something close to that number. That is a lot of people in a relatively small space. And getting out of there – HA! The Bowl uses “stacked parking” strategies to get everyone in there (except for those geniuses like my family who took the bus from the zoo!), which means that NO ONE gets out easily or quickly.

As I was making remarks to this effect to my husband, his mouth dropped open. “Really? Are you going to do this every where you go now? Worry about the disaster plan?” Um, well, maybe. OK, yes. I can’t help it, though. When you concern yourself everyday with this stuff, it’s rather hard to stop.

One really should not become obsessed over this topic and “forget to smell the roses” when out for a drive or a concern or vacation. I am sure that worrying over some disaster to befall you everywhere you go is not only unhealthy, but a real downer for anyone who is with you. Hence my husband’s comment, I presume.

To be fair, I really wasn’t worried or paranoid, but I was curious. How, on earth, do you move that many people anywhere, if you needed to? Thankfully, that is not my job, but whoever does have this job really just be a person of extraordinary talent and/or resources. In any case, I trusted that somewhere there was a plan and that it was a good one.

And before I worried if anyone thought that of me, I just sat back in a sea of appreciative people and enjoyed the intoxicating sounds of Indian music, written and performed by the “Slumdog Millionaire” music composer, with Bollywood, and clearly not Hollywood disasters, on my mind.

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