Friday, December 24, 2010

What's in Santa's Sleigh?

Twas the day before Christmas and all through the workshop, Mrs. Claus was making sure the Big Red Guy had everything he needed on his long trip around the world that night. And think of all of the situations that a trip around the world in one night might require! Honestly, he would need a second sleigh just to hold his emergency kit!

If you are traveling over the holidays, and probably not flying via reindeer, you still need to take your emergency preparedness kit with you. In Southern California, the weather has been crazy, with heavy rain and mudslides, thanks to Mother Nature’s winter fury. So, moving around in this stuff should make us particularly cautious!

Remember that traveling could take you to places and climates that are not normal for you. Traveling to the mountains means carrying tire chains and extra boots, hats, coats and gloves. If you are going somewhere remote or at night, you need to have some flares, too.

Preparing yourself is important, too. “Fortifying” yourself with Egg Nog might taste great, but loading yourself with alcohol then driving is detrimental to everyone. Eating all that good food one day a year is not by itself harmful – although you really don’t want to see how many fat calories are in Pecan Pie! -- you can become quite drowsy as the blood heads to your stomach to digest all that stuff and leaves your head, well, rather empty. Also, not good for driving.

While we do not have the same “time-space continuum” that Santa has to make his rounds, we still do have the element of time to use and enjoy. Take your time over the holidays. Don’t worry when traffic gets heavy or your husband needs just a few more minutes to check every lock before you leave. Relax, smile and enjoy the fact that we are here today, and happy and well.

So, in Clement C. Moore’s immortal words, “Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night.”

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